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The Resource Music Group LLC was founded in 2002 by CEO Kenneth Rosborough in Atlanta, GA. A Hip-Hop Music Digital Distribution Company. We market and distribute a steadily growing roster of up-and-coming independent hip-hop artists and manage an increasing music catalog of hip-hop songs. We provide full-service solutions to independent artists and labels for delivering hip-hop music direct to consumers through our digital music distribution partners Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, and all digital music streaming platforms. Listen to our artists on your favorite streaming services Apple Music and Spotify. Add our artists to your favorite playlists. Follow, and Share our TRMG Hip-Hop Playlist on Spotify. Discover New Music.


Founder & CEO Kenneth Rosborough

The Resource Music Group LLC

Kenneth Rosborough is an American singer, rapper, songwriter, entertainer, record executive, and promoter. He was born and raised in Marshall, TX. His career started after graduating from Marshall, High School in 1986 when he signed with touring entertainment company Young American Showcase based in St Petersburgh, FL. He would tour from 1986-1990 as a front man/lead singer for one of eight rock bands named Freedom Jam that toured the US, Canada, and Australia. While touring with the band he also pursued his endeavor to become a recording artist and recorded his first R&B single “Baby Would You Be My Girlfriend” at Hidden Forrest Studios in Longview, TX. The single was released on independent record label Fantasia Records in Dallas, TX and would go on to be a regional hit.

In 1992 Kenneth founded Mo’Money Records in Atlanta, GA. The full-fledged hip-hop independent record label would experience regional success with the “Miami-Bass” sound of the South releasing hit singles from hip-hop artists MC Ken (Let’s Get Busy), D.G.I. Posse (The Panty Drop), and Identical (Can I Rip It Up). The independent record label would also experience several successful distribution partnerships during the next ten years. As the music industry began to evolve with the implementation of new technology, The Resource Music Group was founded in 2002. A Hip-Hop Music Digital Distribution Company. With over 15 years of experience in music distribution, The Resource Music Group has worked with an impressive list of artists including Platinum recording artist, songwriter, and producer Gregory Abbott known for his R&B megahit “Shake You Down”, as well as numerous high-profile producers including Huston Singletary known for producing the R&B hit “College Girl” for Platinum recording artist Bobby Brown.


Graphics & Design, Turod Armstrong

The Resource Music Group LLC

Turod Armstrong is a professional graphic designer from Davie, FL with 15 plus years managing his own Graphic & Design company. He brings his years of experience and talents to The Resource Music Group on an independent contract basis.


Legal, Felicia James

The Resource Music Group LLC

Felicia James is an entertainment attorney from Atlanta, GA with 25 plus years of experience in litigating Entertainment Law. She brings her years of experience providing calculated and effective, case-specific representation to The Resource Music Group on an independent contract basis.