Distribution FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can The Resource Music Group help me as an independent hip-hop artist or record label?

A. We provide full-service solutions for delivering hip-hop music direct to consumers through our digital music distribution partners Apple MusicSpotifyAmazon MusicYouTube MusicTIDALPandoraGoogle Play MusicDeezer, iTunes, iHeartRadio, and all music platforms. Our marketing and promotion services consist of two major components, Streaming-Focused Marketing and Direct-to-Consumer Marketing powered by Independent Promotions. We develop, implement, and build on strategies that target promotions to thousands of music lovers leading to increased visibility, engagement, sales and streams.

In addition, our website is a marketing funnel that maximizes the impact of our releases. It's designed to market our artists and releases effectively and directly on all major digital music platforms interactively streaming right from our website. Our Google marketing campaigns feed us over 100,000 visitors a month from music fans worldwide discovering new hip-hop music.

Marketing Services

  • Front page post New Release (<<CLICK)
  • Front page post Featured Release (<<CLICK)
  • Front page post Blog (<<CLICK).
  • Artist and Release indexed in our Artist Navigation Drop Down Menu (<<CLICK).
  • Artist Profile Page linked to On All Music Platforms (<<CLICK).
  • Art Track Video release on our YouTube Channel (<<CLICK).
  • Direct-to-Consumer Marketing via Facebook (<<CLICK), Instagram (<<CLICK), and Twitter (<<CLICK). In addition, we create and implement advertising campaigns via Spotify Audio Ads, Apple Music AdsFacebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Twitter Ads powered by Independent Promotions
  •  Streaming-Focused Marketing, we employ our marketing team to strategically create and manage Independent Promotion campaigns designed to increase royalty streams.
  • Spotify playlist placement TRMG Hip-Hop Playlist (<<CLICK). Your music will be included on our curated playlist, as well as select playlists powered by Independent Promotions.
  • Extensive resources and proper budgets allow us to expand our Streaming-Focused Marketing and Direct-to-Consumer Marketing campaigns globally with massive results.

    Q. Will other distribution companies market my music?

    A. Most distribution companies online distribute your music only. They don't provide any marketing services. In fact, most distribution websites promote subscription-based sign-ups that require monthly or yearly subscription renewals to keep your music on the digital music platforms. Our business model is built solid around marketing the artist and label releases we distribute.

    Q. Can I self distribute my music directly on Apple Music, Spotify, and other digital music streaming services?

    A. While you can self distribute your release through other services, you cannot upload directly to the digital music platforms. You must self distribute through a music distributor to get your music to digital music platforms. The Resource Music Group offers its artists and labels distribution plus marketing services. 

    Q. How much money will I earn from the sales of my music?

    A. We pay our artists and labels 70% of revenue earned from their music. We retain a 30% marketing and distribution fee.

    Q. What will it cost me to distribute my music through The Resource Music Group?

    A. Our artists and labels pay NO upfront distribution cost. Artist and Label Services are all paid for in advance. Your music is distributed worldwide forever. There are NO monthly or yearly subscription-based distribution fees.

    Q. Am I an exclusive artist or label? Can I distribute my music with other distribution companies?

    A. No, you are not exclusive. Our distribution agreements are non-exclusive. Yes, you can distribute other music with other distribution companies. However, you cannot distribute the same music signed to The Resource Music Group with other distribution companies.

    Q. Do I need a publisher or publishing administrator for my songs?

    A. No. However, without a publisher or publishing administrator for your songs, you are leaving unpaid publishing royalties on the table. As a songwriter you’re missing out on publishing and songwriting mechanical royalties paid whenever your songs are streamed, downloaded, and publicly performed on radio, radio streaming platforms like Pandora, TV, and live performances. Keep in mind that publishing royalties as a songwriter are separate from your distribution royalties as an artist.

    Q. How much money will I earn from the publishing of my songs?

    A. We pay our songwriters 100% of revenue earned from their songs. We pay our publishers 70% of revenue earned from their songs. We retain a 30% publishing administration fee. If the songwriter has no publisher, the songwriter is entitled to the 100% publishers share in addition to songwriters share of revenue earned from their songs.

    Q. Do you offer publishing services for my songs?

    A. Yes. Under our umbrella of Artist and Label Services we offer Publishing Administration. We collect worldwide publishing royalties on your behalf and pay them directly to you as we do your distribution royalties. Don’t miss out on the money that your songs generate.

    Q. What are Artist and Label Services?

    A. Artist and Label Services are services paid for in advance on the artist's or label's behalf for successful digital marketing and distribution.

    Artist and Label Services

    • We'll Advance a $10,000 Marketing Budget distributed evenly across digital media platforms; Spotify Audio Ads, Apple Music AdsFacebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, and Independent Promotions. This paid marketing service is mandantory to actively and effectively promote your release - (One-Time Advanced Fee Required)
    • UPC Bar Code and ISRC number for SoundScan  - FREE
    • Single Distribution - $20 (One-Time Advanced Fee Required)
    • Album or EP Distribution - $35 (One-Time Advanced Fee Required)
    • Cover Artwork & Graphics - $50 Fee Per Release (If needed)
    • Cover Artwork Edits - $20 Fee Per Release (If needed)
    • Digital File Conversion - $20 Fee Per Release (If needed)
    • Digital Audio Mastering - $20 Fee Per Release (If needed)
    • Music Monetization - FREE
    • Sync Licensing - FREE
    • YouTube Art Track Video - FREE
    • Spotify Playlist Placement - FREE
    • Single Publishing Administration - 30% Fee (If needed)
    • Album or EP Publishing Administration - 30% Fee (If needed)

    Q. How do I get paid?

    A. Artists and Labels, Songwriters and Publishers are paid through their choice of PayPal, Google Pay or Check. Artists and Labels receive Sales & Accounting Reports of their sales activity along with distribution and publishing royalty payments.

    Q. Do you accept all music submissions for distribution?

    A. No. All music submitted does not get accepted for distribution with The Resource Music Group.

    Q. What do The Resource Music Group look for when accepting music submissions?

    A. There are four important things that we look for when accepting an artist or label submission for distribution;

    1. Branding - This tells us that you are a brand that we can invest in and market, and that music fans will invest in.
    2. Online Stats - We like to see how many plays, and followers you have on social media. Stats are vital to building your fanbase.
    3. Performing - How many shows are you playing, where you're playing them, and how many people are attending all matter. 
    4. Amazing Music - We only accept high quality recorded, mixed, and mastered music that is commercially viable, and ready for digital music distribution.

    Q. Can The Resource Music Group get my songs on curated Spotify playlists?

    A. Yes. We curate our own Spotify playlist TRMG Hip-Hop Playlist (<<CLICK), in addition to playlist placement powered by Independent Promotions, and Spotify's official algorithmic playlist curating system. 

    Q. What are my royalty earnings based on?

    A. Your royalty earnings are based on digital music streams, downloads, sync licensing, and publishing (if you opted in on publishing services). You will receive Sales & Accounting reports of your sales activity.

    Q. How do I submit my music? How will I know if my music has been accepted for distribution?

    A. Submit your music through the Submit Music (<<CLICK) form on our website. Follow the submission instructions. If your music submission is accepted for distribution, we will email you an acceptance letter. Our team will follow up with an assessment call to discuss your specific Artist or Label Services needs. The distribution agreement will be emailed to you. Sign and return the distribution agreement.

    Q. Does The Resource Music Group give advances?

    A. Yes. We advance a $10,000 marketing budget in addition to the cost of Artist and Label Services fees required for digital music marketing and distribution. Advances are charged and recouped against the artist or label account.

    Q. Can I do my own artwork?

    A. Yes. However, your artwork is required to be in 1600 x 1600 dimensions. If you're dealing with a graphic designer for your cover, they will understand these dimension requirements. Only the artist name, title, and explicit lyric sticker should appear on the cover. No # symbols, social media mentions, or logos. Distribution partners require commercial standards on all cover uploads.

    Q. What kind of music file is acceptable for distribution?

    A. WAV file is required. MP3 file is acceptable however the file will require digital conversion from MP3 to WAV.

    Q. How long will it take for my release to appear on digital music platforms?

    A. Once your distribution agreement has been signed, and returned, we’ll do the rest. Your release will be assigned a UPC Barcode and ISRC Number and put in queue to be delivered to our distribution partners. Typically, 2 weeks from release date. All projects are released on New Music Friday. Your release will be available immediately on all music platforms.

    Q. What digital music platforms does The Resource Music Group distribute my music on?

    A. Your music will be available on all music platforms; Apple MusicSpotifyAmazon MusicYouTube MusicTIDALPandoraGoogle Play MusicDeezer, iTunesiHeartRadio, and more.