Playlist Promotion

The Resource Music Group extends its "exclusive artist" marketing services to all clients offering full service Spotify Playlisting solutions. Playlist promotion is not a one-off/one-time type of promotion. Independent and major label promotions require strategic marketing plans & consistant marketing campaigns to see real organic, Spotify algorithmic growth results. This includes an increase in listeners, streams, followers, saves, and royalties.

Playlists are more important to artists developement and fan acquisition today more than ever. What was once a service exclusive for artists signed to our record label, is now offered to DIY artists & record labels to increse exposure and recognition. At a time where artificial streaming and bot services are violating Spotify's TOS, we are excited to have partnered with the best third-party Spotify playlist curators in the game. Their playlisting service is a great addition to our marketing team. They represents our core values which is honesty, transparency, and efficiency.

Artists & record labels must meet these following three requirements to be accepted.

1. Have high quality music.

2. Music available on major streaming platforms through a distributor.

3. Maintain a marketing budget to consistantly market and promote the music on streaming platforms.


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