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The Resource Music Group LLC Atlanta, GA


Rapper Tray Dollaz

🎤 Hometown Rochester, MN

🔥 Hit Single "World Go Round"

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Fan Testimonials

🔥 Hey Lil Twin u my fav❤️When u coming to Columbus? TanyaB_Columbus, OH.

TanyaB, Columbus, OH

I share your artists with my friends & family on social media. I already have lots of favs :)

Patrice, Washington, DC

Hey from the UK! Love the hip hop. Spotify Premium is my platform of choice. Oh yeah very cool site!

Mia, London, United Kingdom

J Raw G.R.I.N.D is on my playlist. Whole album heat 🔥

Cassteal, Pittsburgh, PA

I Love the hip-hop music from this label!

Jazzy.Baby, Nashville, TN

I like that "Go Gang"...Slim Slaughta on my playlist repeat🎧

Cypress, St. Louis, MO

Dope website! Easy artist navigation. I can listen to any artist on any streaming platform👌

Bee Low, Phoenix, AZ

I discovered this site on Google and must say I've streamed every hiphop artist on the label....really good music guys👍

HipHop Head, Los Angeles, CA

I'm always looking to discover new hip hop music. Glad I found the site.

Trevor J, Baltimore, MD