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The Resource Music Group LLC is a digital music record label based in Atlanta, GA. The independent company specializes in marketing and distributing Rap & Hip-Hop music from a steadily growing roster of up-and-coming hip-hop artists. The label manages an enviable music catalog of the best high-quality hip-hop songs across all digital music platforms. The Resource Music Group offers full-service solutions to artists for delivering hip-hop music direct to consumers through its digital music distribution partners Apple MusicSpotifyAmazon MusicYouTube MusicTIDALPandoraGoogle Play Music, Deezer, iTunesiHeartRadio, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and all major digital music platforms around the world. Stream our roster of artists on your favorite digital music platforms. Add our roster of artists to your favorite digital music playlists. Follow, and Share our TRMG Hip-Hop Playlist on Spotify.

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The Company

Founder and CEO, Kenneth Rosborough

The Resource Music Group LLC

Manages business and financial affairs (i.e.) A&R, contract negotiations, digital initiatives, productions, sales, marketing, promotion, distribution, corporate comm, sound recording copyrights, royalties, and company strategies. Highly organized, proactive, and professional. Excels at business management and works across teams to execute the daily operations of managing an independent digital music record label.

About Kenneth Rosborough

Kenneth Rosborough, born in Marshall, TX started his music career in 1986 at age 18 when he signed with touring entertainment company Young American Showcase based in St Petersburg, FL. He toured from 1986-1990 as a lead singer/front man for one of eight rock bands named Freedom Jam that toured the United States, Canada, and Australia. While touring with the Young American Showcase rock band Freedom Jam, Kenneth Rosborough would also pursue his endeavor to become a recording artist signing his first record deal at age 20. He wrote, executive produced, and recorded the R&B single "Baby Would You Be My Girlfriend" at Hidden Forrest Studios in Longview, TX. The single was produced by Gary Boren and released in 1988 on independent record label Fantasia Records based in Dallas, TX. It would go on to be a regional hit. Kenneth continued to perform nationally with the band and touring company, while also performing his hit single at select high profile booking engagements.
Kenneth Rosborough transitioned to rapper/hip-hop artist under the stage name M.C. Ken when he released the regionally successful Miami-Bass hit single "Let's Get Busy". The success of the record came after several submissions to major labels So So Def/Sony Records, and La'Face/Arista Records were rejected. Having self-taught music industry knowledge at a young age of the business of music, the single was written, executive produced, and recorded by Kenneth Rosborough and produced by Multi-Platinum R&B superstar Bobby Brown's hit producer Huston Singletary known for his 1992 hit single "College Girl" on the "Bobby" album. "Let's Get Busy" was released in 1992 and the (Bass Remix) released in 1993 launching his own independent record label Mo'Money Records.
In 1992 Kenneth Rosborough founded Mo’Money Records in Atlanta, GA. A full-fledged, staffed independent record label that experienced regional success with the “Miami-Bass” sound of the South releasing hit singles from hip-hop artists M.C. Ken "Let’s Get Busy", D.G.I. Posse "The Panty Drop", and Identical "Can I Rip It Up". The independent record label also experienced several successful distribution partnerships with The Music Network, Atlanta, GA, and Big State Distributing, Dallas,TX.



In 2001 Kenneth Rosborough founded The Resource Music Group LLC in Atlanta, GA. A Digital Music Record Label. With over 30 years of experience in touring, artist showcasing, music marketing and distribution, The Resource Music Group has worked with an impressive list of artists including Multi-Platinum recording artist, songwriter, and producer Gregory Abbott known for his 1986 R&B megahit "Shake You Down", as well as numerous of hip-hop artists, and hit producers including Huston Singletary known for producing the 1992 R&B hit "College Girl" for Multi-Platinum R&B superstar Bobby Brown. The Resource Music Group has footprints in major music markets around the world. At a milestone of 20 years in business we continue to be one of the leading independent music labels and marketing companies in the industry.

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The Team


Graphics & Design Team

The Resource Music Group LLC

Creative graphics & design professionals responsible for company wide branding, digital advertising & marketing, and oversees the artwork division of Artist Services. 


Legal Team

The Resource Music Group LLC

Powerhouse entertainment attorneys experienced in the practice of entertainment law, contracts, and litigation. The legal team provides pragmatic, business-focused, solution-oriented legal support with regard to business, legal risks, and company contracts. 


Marketing Team

The Resource Music Group LLC

Dedicated music professionals geographically dispersed in key territories around the world. This talented marketing team's daily focus is based on a delegated balance of marketing strategies where honesty, transparency and efficiency are core values. These marketing experts stay on top of the latest trends and execute Omni-channel solutions that drive streaming results.